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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #5: Create Custom Audiences

Any effective Facebook or Instagram advertising strategy requires the use of custom audiences. As custom audiences are made up of people who have already interacted with your business, they are a powerful way to re-engage based on previous...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #3: Boost Posts – Yes or No?

Video Transcript: My Facebook Ads Tip this week is about boosting posts. I'm sure most of you that have a Facebook business page, or even an Instagram business account, have seen the option to either boost or promote a post. Normally I...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #2: Start Using Facebook Business Manager

Video Transcript: My Facebook Ads Tip for this week is to start using the Facebook Business Manager. Now, while it is possible to run ads through your personal account, it's much better to have everything set up within Business Manager. In...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #1: Ensure you have the Facebook Pixel on your Website

I’ve decided to post a weekly Facebook Ads tip. There’s a lot of information available on Facebook Ads but often it’s too complicated and the articles and videos can be very long. I’m going to keep my tips short and very specific so that they are easy to take in, even...

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View your Competitors’ Live Facebook Ads

View your Competitors' live Facebook Ads and learn from other businesses with the new "Info and Ads" feature introduced last week to provide more transparency to Facebook users. In this video, I explain how to view the ads and how to make the most of this new feature....

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GDPR Killed Your Email List. What Now?

In this video, I outline some simple things to do to improve the experience of your website users, how to encourage them to subscribe to your email list by providing more value, and why you’re missing out if your website does not have the Facebook Pixel installed....

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