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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #50: Facebook’s Advertising Policies

Succeeding with advertising on Facebook and Instagram is difficult enough without your ads being disapproved. Before advertising on Facebook it is important to spend time reviewing the advertising policies. When you read the policies you...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #49: Targeting Engaged Shoppers

Online Christmas shopping time is upon us! At this important time of year for most online retailers, ad targeting and messaging need to be on point. Ideally, you will have built up engaged and interested audiences for retargeting but if...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #48: Retargeting Ad Types

Retarget but don’t bombard people with the same ads over and over again. If someone just viewed a product on your website, or especially if they added it to their cart, but didn’t purchase, you will want to retarget them with ads to come...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #46: Be Patient with your Facebook Ads

The Facebook algorithm is smart, but it needs time. When you launch a new campaign it will often take a few days for the algorithm to test various segments of your audience and identify the best people to show your ad to. If it looks like...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #45: Why You Need a Retargeting Strategy

Life is full of distractions. Whether someone visits your website and takes no action, or they see your ad and take no action, it doesn’t mean they were not interested. There is any number of reasons why it might not have been the right...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #43: Facebook Ads for B2B Advertising

There is a belief in many B2B companies that Facebook is not a suitable advertising channel. If you are a B2B marketer, I urge you to think differently. Facebook ads can be used for B2B at each step of the customer journey, beginning with...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #42: Campaign Budget Optimization

Budget management is moving from the Ad Set level to the Campaign level. The management of budgets for your Facebook ads has always been at the ad set level. However, almost two years ago Facebook announced that this would change as they...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #40: Excluding Audiences from Ads

It's very easy to focus on who you want to see your ads, but what about who you don't want to see your ads? Without excluding audiences you will waste a lot of money showing ads to the wrong people. Take for example a campaign to get new...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #38: Getting Started with Facebook Ads

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now” If you are not already running ads for your business on Facebook and Instagram, what are you waiting for? Facebook ads can feel overwhelming so it’s easy to put...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #37: Transitioning from Facebook Profile to Facebook Page

Promoting a business on a personal Facebook profile is not a good long term strategy for growth. When starting out, your personal Facebook profile is the perfect place to show the world (well your friends and family) what you are doing…...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #36: How to Target Facebook Groups with Ads (Part 2)

**Advanced Targeting Trick** Last week I explained how to target Facebook groups with ads. It’s such a useful little trick. You can check it out here: akingston.com/how-to-target-facebook-groups-with-ads/ This week I wanted to tell you how...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #35: How to Target Facebook Groups with Ads

It’s one of the most common Facebook Ads questions I hear... “Is it possible to target group members with ads?” The short answer is that you can’t target group members with ads... ...BUT there is a trick to get around this. Groups are huge...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #34: Retargeting Video Viewers

Video. Video. Video. Build audiences with video and retarget them with conversion-focused ads. Step 1. Make a video. Step 2. Set up an ad to show this video to a broad audience. (Optionally repeat steps 1 and 2 with additional videos) Step...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #33: Use Videos to Find your Audience

[It’s pretty simple... You’d be a fool not to be using Video in your Advertising Strategy] Yeah, videos are engaging and they are probably the best way to get your message across… ...but that’s not actually what I’m referring to here. What...

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Friday Facebook Ads Tip #28: Keeping Engagement when Duplicating Ads

There are many reasons why you might want to run the same ad in multiple different campaigns or ad sets. The most common situations are when you want to use different campaign objectives and/or your ad sets are targeting different...

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